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More Than Your Average Broker

January 9, 2022 | Posted by: Sharon Patton

More Than Your Average Broker 

 I work with first time home buyers, people looking to move up in the housing market and I take care of renewals and refinancing of your existing mortgage.

I am excited to let you know that I also specialize in some other options when it comes to your financial needs. 

Let's look at what my other specialties are!! 

The Separation Network 

As the Co-founder of The Separation Network, we specialize in guiding you through the disconnect.  The Separation Network includes a mortgage agent, real estate agent, financial planner, mediation, conflict coaching, family counselling and trusted trades. We help you make decisions when it comes to your shared family home and the steps needed to move forward independently. Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest, and we are here to help you through this difficult journey no one expects to take. 

Multi Rentals 

Looking to purchase an investment property or expand your portfolio? I specialize in rentals and will guide you through the process. We have access to multiple lenders with various options available. 

Reverse Mortgage

Are you 55 or older? A Canadian homeowner? Reverse Mortgages are one of my specialties. There are so many options available to you currently instead of selling your home.  I can help you stay in your family home while increasing your monthly cash flow, alleviating debt, preserving investments, travel or provide an early inheritance for your children and grandchildren. 

High Net Worth 

One of my other specialties is a program that is designed to provide a mortgage solution to individuals with a moderate income who have significant investments. 


Are you a Doctor, Lawyer, or Veterinarian?  With access to specialized programs for professionals, I can find the right solution for your financial plan. 

If you fit into any of my specialties let’s chat! I would be happy to answer any questions you have and determine what solutions fits within your financial plan. 

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I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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