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We Offer Solutions!!

July 19, 2022 | Posted by: Sharon Patton

We Offer Solutions 

With inflation at a 40-year high, interest rates increasing, rising fuel costs, and talks of a recession coming, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and worried about your financial future.

Are you are thinking of purchasing a home?
Making a move in the housing market to upgrade or downsize?
Is your mortgage renewal coming up?
Has your monthly cash flow decreased? 
Do you have some large, unexpected expenses coming up?
Are thinking about your retirement and wondering if you should sell your home? 

We are here to offer you solutions. Let's look below at some options that we can provide for you. 

Purchasing a Home 

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, upgrading, or downsizing you may be asking yourself is this the right time? With interest rates on the rise, it is easy to be rate focused.
When it comes to your rate, we can provide options.  We can offer you a shorter term on a fixed rate, consider a variable rate, and even look at a longer amortization period. With access to over 50 lenders, we specialize in finding the right product to fit your needs and provide you with a solution that is based on more than just rates!! 

Mortgage Renewal 

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal?  Worried about your monthly payments increasing with changes to your rate? Let's chat.

We can lock in a rate 120 days before your mortgage term expires. At the same time, we can look at other options to make sure you have the best fit for your financial plan and future. 


With the cost of everything on the rise, it is easy to see your monthly cash flow decreasing.  You are holding one of the biggest investments in your home.
We can look at what equity you have built up in your home and explore the option of refinancing your mortgage. We can even look at rolling in some high-interest loans and credit cards to reduce your amount of interest paid out and increase your monthly cash flow. 

Planning for the unexpected 

We are all about planning, but sometimes life throws the unexpected at you. 
Wouldn't it be great to have access to an emergency fund for these times? 
We can help you with this by looking at the option of adding a line of credit to your existing mortgage product.
Let's chat and see what your current mortgage offers you and explore other options available to you too! 


Are you thinking of selling your home to retire? 
What if we told you that you can access the equity in your home and still live there? Let's chat today and explore this solution to be able to retire on your terms and not give up your biggest asset to do so. 

In these turbulent times, we are to weather the storm with you and find a solution that fits your financial needs. 
It is never too early to start exploring the options out there for you no matter where you are in your homeownership journey! 

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I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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