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Giving the Gift of Peace of Mind

December 1, 2022 | Posted by: Sharon Patton

Giving the gift of Peace of Mind 

In these uncertain financial times, we would like to give you the gift of peace of mind. Let's unwrap come solutions below that make work for you!

Reverse Mortgage 

Are you thinking of selling your home to retire? 
What if we told you that you can access the equity in your home and still live there? Let's chat today and explore this solution to be able to retire on your terms and not give up your biggest asset to do so. 


With the cost of everything on the rise, it is easy to see your monthly cash flow decreasing.  You are holding one of the biggest investments in your home. We can look at what equity you have built up in your home and explore the option of refinancing your mortgage. We can even look at rolling in some high-interest loans and credit cards to reduce the amount of interest paid out and increase your monthly cash flow. 


 Get Pre-Approved! 

Having a strategy in place allows you to shop for a home with confidence and peace of mind! Now is still a great time to purchase, let's chat and get you armed with a pre-approval today! 


 Emergency Fund 

Adding a line of credit to your current mortgage can offer you the emergency fund you are wishing for. Let's look at the options that may work with your current mortgage. 


Second Mortgage 

 Consider a second mortgage to keep your current mortgage intact and be able to make some renovations. We can explore this option together and see if this is a fit for your needs. 


We are here to work on a strategy with you when it comes to your homeownership needs. Let's chat today and give you some peace of mind when it comes to your financial future. 


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We look forward to connecting with you soon. 


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